V6000 Memory

Enabling Versatility, Scalability, Massive Parallelism and Breakthrough Cost-of-Test for FLASH, DRAM & MCPs

Advantest redefines the industry with the revolutionary V6000. Through its patent-pending Active Matrix™ and sixth-generation Tester-Per-Site® architecture, the V6000 delivers breakthrough cost-of-test, parallelism and yield for engineering, wafer sort and final test of both Flash and DRAM. The versatility of the V6000 allows testing of Flash and DRAM on the same test solution. The V6000 is scalable over time to greatly extend the useful life of your capital investment.

The V6000e is the industry's first engineering test solution for Flash and DRAM applications for the office and lab environment.

V6000 WS
The industry's first wafer sort test solution for Flash and DRAM applications, delivering versatility, scalability and breakthrough cost-of-test - at the lower price of a Flash tester.

V6000 FT
The V6000 FT is a scalable and flexible, high-parallelism solution that allows manufacturers to meet the diverse final test needs of DRAM, Flash and MCP with low cost of test.

SmartRA is a scalable, flexible and cost-effective solution that allows manufacturers to meet the expanding performance requirements of redundancy analysis (RA) for DRAM at wafer sort.

V6000 Platform
Same architecture, software and hardware enables flexibility, scalability and extends tester life.

Active Matrix
Revolutionary technology enables increased throughput and yield through massive parallelism and significantly improved signal fidelity.

Tester-Per-Site® Architecture
Utilizes a multi-site controller and multiple APGs that are dynamically configurable to match specific applications and device types.