V93000 HSM - High Speed Memory

Industry leading high-speed memory test platform, offering at-speed final test and scalable to 8Gbps, a 10 year system lifetime via economical upgrades and superior throughput for lowest cost of test.

The Advantest V93000 High-Speed Memory (HSM) Series is the fastest final test solution available today offering highly accurate at-speed I/O and at-speed memory core access testing of up to 8 Gbps and future-ready upgradeability to higher data rates and higher parallel test capabilities for unique lifetime value and return on investment.

The HSM Series leverages the advanced test technology and extended architecture of the proven Advantest V93000 test platform to ensure high test quality and fast "yield learning" at the lowest cost of test in this memory category. Using the proven per-pin timing architecture of the V93000 platform, the HSM Series delivers the functionality to address the most demanding DRAM technologies, including DDR3, DDR4, XDR and GDDR, and provides the flexibility to address the requirements of future DRAM technologies to ensure your test investment is protected.

Proven in R&D and validation labs worldwide, the V93000 HSM is perfect for engineering and design verification with it’s scalable performance—up to 12.8 Gbps with HSM HX—plus compatibility with production systems.

Fastest memory at-speed final test solution of ultra high-speed GDDR5 and XDR, scalable to 8Gbps with superior throughput, yield and lowest test cost

Economical at-speed mass production test solution for DDR3, DDR4 and beyond with 10-year system lifetime for multiple device generations

Integrated Test Cell
The V93000 HSM Series comes with an integrated volume manufacturing test-cell, which ensures reliable operation and high uptime

Engineering and Characterization
Characterization up to 12.8Gbps with best engineering tool-set

V93000 HSM Platform
Right architecture to meet current and future high speed memory test challenges

V93000 HSM System - a High Speed Memory Semiconductor Test Solution for DDR3, DDR4, XDR and GDDR
V93000 HSM