V93000 SOC

The requirements of today's SOC/SIP industry for ever higher speeds, performance and pin counts means that test systems must offer greater functionality while maintaining low cost of test. The scalable platform architecture of the Advantest V93000 combines the highest speed digital test, precision analog and RF measurement into a single test system. With the majority of the functionality tightly integrated into the system's test head, the platform offers superior speed as well as the lowest noise floor. Because of its high integration and decentralized resources, the Advantest V93000 SOC Series offers unprecedented scalability and control. Its modular design makes it easy to extend the system with new modules and instrumentation, as your test needs change.

Broad application coverage from simple low end devices to the most complex high end products requiring the full suite of capabilities: dc, digital, analog and RF. 

Maximum flexibility and scalability by supporting any combination of the instruments in any of the test heads. 

Compatibility across the whole platform by using the same hardware architecture, same test programs, same load boards and same docking, enabling new capabilities to be added over time. 

Capabilities when and where they are needed through floating licenses which can be shared within a tester or between testers, to enable additional capabilities while optimizing investments. 

Maximum investment protection through the continuous evolution of the platform, maximizing reuse in the engineering community knowledge base and extending the life time of the tester. 

Staying focused on the single scalable platform strategy, Advantest has developed a significant installed base of V93000 test systems in both engineering and high volume manufacturing, gaining acceptance at the leading IDMs, foundries, design houses and OSATs throughout the world.

Solutions Available on the V93000

Versatile Digital Solution
The V93000 Versatile Digital solution provides coverage of the "all digital" space from structural wafer sort to high end characterization test, from consumer to high end all on a single platform providing our customers the benefit of maximum versatility.

Wireless/RF Solution
The V93000 Wireless/RF solution provides highest test efficiency and minimum cost-of-test, with up to 96 ports, octal-site with highest multi-site efficiency.

Consumer SOC Solution
The V93000 Consumer SOC Solution is the best way to achieve low cost-of-test while accurately overcoming the unique mixed signal testing challenges of the latest consumer device SOCs.


SOC Tester for SOC Test, SIP Test

SOC Tester for SOC Test, SIP Test

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